Employee monitoring is not about keeping checks and balances for the sake of company protocol. It is about data protection, compliance and guarding against very real financial and legal liabilities, and also it’s about performance, productivity and ultimately profitability.

How Does Employee Monitoring Affect Productivity?

The return on investment (ROI) on a solid employee monitoring setup can be immense in terms of potential costs springing from having no monitoring system in place, include lost revenue from productivity falloff. Employee monitoring affects productivity in many ways, including:

Spotting time-wasters

The fact is that a lot of employees waste time at work with non work-related activities. How many? Well according to the 2014 survey.com Wasting Time at Work Survey,that would be a whopping 89%. The survey found that 24% of participants cited Google as the biggest online time-waster during the working day.

89% of employees waste working time
with non-work related browsing

The Cost of Social media

Following on our theme of time wasting, social media sites bear a large portion of the burden of responsibility. It’s no real surprise perhaps that a recent study revealed 77% of employees logged onto Facebook during their working hours. Twitter and Pinterest are two other socially interactive platforms in the top list of employee distraction sites, according to the survey.com findings.

Identifying employees who are looking for a job

There’s nothing wrong with an employee who wants to move on professionally, but when their next job hunt is done at the cost of their current employment it’s a safe bet that productivity is going to plummet.

Looking for a new gig is a good indication that an employee isn’t applying optimum efforts in their role, perhaps due to boredom, disillusionment or feelings of being undervalued. Whatever the reason for the job search, employers need to be able to clearly identify those employees who are potentially about to jump ship.

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