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Keeping Top Talent – How to Encourage Employees to Stay

by | Human Resources

Hiring top talent is key to a successful business. If you want an advantage in a competitive market, you’re going to want to keep hold of them for as long as possible. But just how long do they plan on staying and what can you do to keep them?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee tenure is actually at a record high compared to 25 years ago.

“Research shows that many global employees today (yes, even millennials) aspire to build a long-lasting career with one company. They want to find a place where they feel they fit in, belong, and can make a commitment. — Forbes

However, it’s best not to rest on your laurels. You never know when an employee may decide it’s time to move on or if another offer from a competitor to snatch them away is incoming.

How to Keep Your Best Employees

Show them there’s a career pathway

Employees aren’t going to hang around long if they don’t feel they’re going to progress within the company ranks. Maria Kraimer, business professor at the University of Iowa, says: “It’s critical for businesses to have regular career planning discussions with their employees.” Show your best employees that you’re investing in their future and there’s space for them to grow within the company, with training, increasing responsibility and trust.

Don’t waste their time or flood them with emails

Meetings can sometimes be pointless for certain individuals partaking in them. Cut down on meetings and make sure those in attendance can actually have some input, rather than idly taking notes on what others have to say. Such processes can be demoralizing and make employees feel as if their input is not valued. Furthermore, your employees probably get enough emails on a daily basis without their manager sending them memos. If there’s something to discuss, talk to them directly and show them you’re approachable should they have any questions.

Get their feedback

Don’t let your top talent work themselves up into a frenzy. Regularly ask them how their work is going: if they’re overloaded or tapping their fingers on the desk with no work to do. Keeping them engaged and up-to-date with what’s going on within the business is crucial. You’ll also gain their trust and respect by asking them for their feedback on certain matters. Let them speak honestly and you’ll be able to solve issues faster, while also building a healthy relationship.

Sing their praises when due

When an employee has done a great job, tell them! Nothing boosts morale more than a good pat on the back from senior figures when great work is done. You don’t always need to offer bonuses (although that is another way to keep top talent happy). Simply acknowledging their hard work is appreciated is enough to boost employee confidence and their sense of worth within the company.

Monitoring Employee Satisfaction

As a business owner, it’s vital to keep your top talent engaged and content to retain them for the long haul. By regularly discussing career development opportunities, reducing unproductive meetings, and seeking employee feedback, you show your team that you value their contributions. However, it’s also helpful to identify areas where employees may need additional support or resources.

Employee monitoring software, such as KnowIT, can be a useful tool in this regard.

KnowIT will allow you to closely monitor how employees are working. You’ll be able to see if they’re working long hours (in which case, go over to them and offer to spread out the workload) or if they’re killing time with no work to do.

You can learn more about all the benefits of KnowIT and how it can help you to keep top talent happy by clicking here.

How does your company keep top talent engaged and happy? Share your insights in the comments below.

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