Longer hours doesn’t always mean you’re being more productive; according to Quartz, 11% of Americans overestimate their productivity.

Infact, it’s been widely reported that taking regular breaks, interacting with colleagues and even short bursts on social media can help productivity. However, even if you follow these rules, how do you really know if you’re being more productive than before?

How do you even define what is productive for yourself or someone else in your workforce? It’ll likely vary according to department, for example the marketing team aren’t doing the same type of work as the accounting department.

What’s Productive & What’s Not?

We know that the longer hours you work, the less productive you will be – if you’re into numbers, check out this in-depth look into productivity from Stanford.

But what other ways can you measure productivity? One solution that’s easy to implement and highly effective is the use of employee computer monitoring software.

With employee computer monitoring software, you can monitor not only your employees, but also yourself if you so wish. You’ll also be also to request individual productivity reports to be sent to each employee, with a productivity score that’s specific to their role. The emails can be sent out every Monday, reporting on the previous week’s work.

Here’s what employee computer monitoring software will record:

  • Attendance – You set the time employees should be logged in and logging off
  • Productivity – Set which websites and applications are considered productive or unproductive
  • Emails – Track emails sent and received to ensure communications are professional, not personal.
  • File Transfers – Monitor what files are being accessed and whether they’re being copied, renamed or moved.

The Simple Solution

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in,we are offering a 14-Day free trial of KnowIT (which offers weekly email reports as a unique feature)

With this easy to install software that’s based on the cloud, you’ll soon be able to record productivity in the workplace and provide yourself and your employees with a simple and effective way of monitoring individual productivity. You’ll finally be able to figure out just how productive you really are and whether or not you need to step-up!