When it comes to computer monitoring, the difference between SaaS and self-hosted software is vast.

Saas -or Software as a Service – is software that’s licensed to be used based upon a subscription and is (usually) hosted by the provider in the cloud.

“Line-of-business leaders everywhere are bypassing IT departments to get applications from the cloud (also known as software as a service, or SaaS) and paying for them like they would a magazine subscription. And when the service is no longer required, they can cancel that subscription with no equipment left unused in the corner.” – Daryl Plummer, Gartner analyst”

On the other hand. Self-hosted software requires the installation of software -and in some cases hardware- to your workplace network as a whole, and to each specific device you want to track.

The initial required investment to buy, install and setup hosted solutions is SIGNIFICANT…

cost of buying your own server

Self-Hosted Software Or SaaS | The Pros And Cons

Let’s start with self-hosted software.

With self-hosted software, you have the benefit of knowing that all your data is secure within your own on-site servers. But, the purchasing and installation of those servers is going to cost you a lot.

You may need to expand upon your current servers, as well as ensure that every device you’ll want to watch connects to the same network. If not, your monitoring software will not “see” all the devices within your workplace.

If you were to run into any issues beyond the capability of your IT team, you would need to schedule an appointment with the supplier to come and take a look. Not only is this associated with more costs, it’s also an impediment to speedy setup schedules.

Speaking of time, the installation must take place when no one is at work, otherwise you’ll have to disrupt the entire workplace as you get to work installing your monitoring software.

What about SaaS?

With no need to buy, setup and install hardware or software on your servers, you’re already at an advantage with SaaS.

You can simply buy a license online then download and install the software through your browser. It’s as simple as that and much faster to install than self-hosted software.

Each device you wish to track can easily be installed with the monitoring software and linked through the cloud – no matter the network it’s connected to.

With the best monitoring software, you’ll also be able to watch across all operating systems, from desktops to smartphones, Windows to iOS / Android.

All your data gets backed up in the cloud and help in case of a mishap is always at hand.

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