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Become A Better Manager With These 10 Powerful Tools

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Managing a team can be one of working life’s most difficult challenges.

From making sure that everyone gets along and is doing what they should to getting a clear understanding of how your resources are being used and the progress of individual projects, being a manager is hard work.

And that’s before even mentioning having to discipline people, give feedback and all those team meetings!

Here’s a collection of useful tools that will help you become a better manager.

1) Doodle

Doodle is online event scheduling app that makes it very easy to organise meetings among your team. Integrating with your calendar the tool can also send reminders.

2) Prezi

Prezi is a cloud based tool that makes it incredibly simple to create visually beautiful and engaging presentations. Stop relying on tired powerpoint slideshows and create great collaborative presentations.

3) Happiily

Happilly allows your team to anonymously share how they are feeling throughout their working day based on the work they do, who they work for, their colleagues and company. A great way to understand how your team is feeling.

4) Basecamp

Every team has projects to do and every good manager needs a tool to help manage them. Basecamp helps you manage your projects, your team and your client work all in one place.

5) Do

Do is designed to help you run productive meetings. Do helps you set the agenda, share it with your colleagues and upload relevant files as well as track the points that come up, assign followups to attendees and track your meeting stats over time.

6) Scavify

Scavify allows you to build mobile scavenger hunts. From answering questions to going to places and taking photos, the app helps you motivate your team. A great way to create further interaction and promote team building.

7) 15Five

15Five gives team members a 15 minute survey from their managers, which are then reviewed by you in 5 minutes. The app also allows you to create custom surveys to ask your team and share results with selected colleagues.

8) Slack

Slack is a great group messaging app. With the ability to replace emails and create different groups according to projects etc., it’s a very efficient way for teams to communicate and be more productive.

9) Weekdone

Weekdone is a tool that allows managers to track their team’s goals, accomplishments and problems. Team members use it to share their plans for the week and their progress, while a dashboard allows managers to see how everyone is doing.

10) KnowIT

KnowIT is a great example of employee monitoring software. Installed remotely onto all of your team’s devices, it allows managers to see exactly what software and websites each of their team members are using as well as their communications.

With the ability set each app and website as either neutral, productive or nonproductive for every team member, KnowIT can be set to create weekly personalized productivity reports.

Using the app, managers can quickly get a very clear picture of their team’s working habits and productivity.

As Brian Braudis, founder and president of The Braudis Group observes “The biggest thing that demotivates a workforce is the wrong (slacker) people in place not being held accountable and the good people have to carry everyone and do all the work.”

Got some killer tools in your management arsenal?
Let us know in the comments section below!

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