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HIPAA Compliance Challenges That SMS Presents To Healthcare Facilities

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Other | 0 comments

Are you aware of the HIPAA Compliance challenges that SMS messages present to Healthcare Facilities?

We have partnered with Rackspace® to bring KnowIT to the Healthcare Industry..

With the demand for paging services declining, many progressive Hospitals around the world have adopted or are actively looking into implementing advanced communication methods to replace devices such as pagers.

Hospitals now require devices that are equipped with technology ensuring that all SMS messages are recorded and archived in order to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Digital Endpoint™  engineered the  KnowIT solution, together with Rackspace® Private Cloud, specifically for the healthcare industry to overcome the challenges antiquated pagers present and to address the requirements of HIPAA Compliant SMS Message Data Storage.

With KnowIT, today’s common Smartphones serve as Pager replacements – their instant messaging capability dramatically decreases the chances of miscommunication and all text conversations are recorded and archived in a HIPAA Compliant Data Storage for future reference.

Digital Endpoint™ is keenly aware of the critical importance of healthcare personnel remaining in constant communication with each other around the clock. When lives are held in the balance, nothing is more important than clear lines of communication between doctors, the support staff and the patient.

KnowIT provides the medical industry with the following:

  • An innovative monitoring and data storage solution that supports PC, Mac, Android & iOS Devices.
  • KnowIT is designed with HIPAA compliance in mind providing SMS data archiving and storage.
  • Alleviate communication compliance challenges in the Healthcare Industry & reduce administrative costs.

Digital Endpoint™ is committed to providing healthcare institutions with secure and comprehensive electronic communication monitoring and compliance tools. This commitment is evident in its partnership with Rackspace®, a leading HIPPA Compliant data storage solutions provider, offering enterprise-level encryption.

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