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Insider Threats | How To Uncover Them Before It’s Too Late

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Other | 0 comments

There are several costly threats from within your business that could strike at any minute. But what are they and how can you prevent them?

Insider Threats

Whether it’s data theft or careless use of company devices, there are several threats to your company’s cyber security that you should be aware of. The main insider threats include: intellectual property (IP) theft, IT sabotage, fraud, espionage, and unintentional insider incidents.

If you know where the potential threats may lie, you can act upon them before it’s too late.

Here are where your weak points may be:

  1. BYOD policies – If your employees are using their own devices for work related purposes, they’re potentially exposing sensitive and confidential data.
  2. Disgruntled employees – If you part ways with an employee, or they are planning to leave your company for a competitor, it’s possible they may be stealing confidential files that can expose your company’s advantages.
  3. Employees’ lack of awareness – Do all your employees know what a phishing email looks like? If not, one click and you could get yourself a serious cyber security jam.
  4. Misuse of company devices – BitTorrents, porn sites, there’s a whole world of threats in the digital realm that can affect your business if employees are visiting the wrong websites.

The Solution

One solution that puts control back into your hands is employee computer monitoring software. With the right software you’ll be able to keep an eye on your employees, including key features such as keystroke records and keyword alerts.

Key features that will help you prevent theft:

  • Keystroke records
  • Keyword alerts and tracker
  • Requested and scheduled screenshots
  • USB and Bluetooth connection log
  • Data downloaded and transferred to external devices
  • File transfer records
  • Secure cloud storage

Robust reporting is critical for effective response

With most leading market solutions data collected from all company devices is presented in easy to understand charts via a responsive web interface that managers can access from any smart device connected to the Internet.

Not only can you highlight areas in which security is being compromised, you can also pinpoint which employee or employees are responsible, allowing you to stop the danger before it’s too late.

Self-monitoring provides another layer of benefits

The best solutions allow for sharing personalized report data with each and every employees – thus supporting self-regulation and governance, further enhancing trust in the company, and reducing HR workloads.

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