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Monitoring Mobile Employees for Safety and Efficiency

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Most companies that employ a fleet of vehicles use fleet monitoring software to track the location and movement of their cars / trucks / motorbikes / whatever. Some of these system go beyond merely tracking location and also give employers insights into how the vehicles are being used –  how fast drivers are going, how hard they’re braking, and even whether they’re wearing their seat belts.

New technology currently in development may even help drivers avoid collisions  – Volvo Group CEO Olaf Persson says his company is working on technology that will monitor “all of the truck’s surroundings for the driver, and suggest actions to avoid accidents, whether they involve pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles.”

He told a trucking conference that so-called “360-degree awareness can even predict what the moving entities it’s scanning might do next. If the driver does not respond to suggested actions, the steering or braking system can be activated autonomously.”

But what if your mobile employees leave the vehicle? Or use their private vehicle?

Eye in the Sky

Many firms with a mobile workforce are moving away from merely tracking vehicles, and upgrading to software that allows them to monitor the whereabouts of their workers regardless of whether they’re driving or not. In certain professions and jurisdictions this information can be a critical safety factor, or even a legal requirement. Phone tracking helps employers see where their employees are and what they’re up to.

“…Phone tracking helps employers see where their employees are and what they’re up to…”

One employer began tracking his worker’s phone and found that the worker was at a certain address every few days for a few hours during the workweek. It turned out the worker was having an affair while on the clock. He was fired.

“Thanks to mobile devices and inexpensive monitoring software, managers can now know where workers are, eavesdrop on their phone calls, tell if a truck driver is wearing his seatbelt and intervene if he is tailgating.”

The Wall Street Journal

A Look at the Options

There are several employee monitoring programs available:

  • ActivTrak
  • Refog
  • Spectorsoft CNE Investigator Edition
  • Digital Endpoint

All are available on PCs, but only Digital Endpoint has a truly comprehensive solution suitable for use with employees on the go. It’s the only monitoring suite that’s entirely device and platform agnostic, and can work just as easily on iPhone and Android mobiles and tablets, as it can on PCs.


Employee monitoring software can help employers and employees get their jobs done with greater security, protection, efficiency and peace of mind. It’s a smart investment so long as you’re careful to evaluate the your needs, and adopt a solution that provides truly comprehensive coverage…

For more on Digital Endpoint’s phone tracking capabilities, please go to their website.

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