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What is Employee Attendance Tracking Software and Why You Should Care

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Other | 0 comments

Time is money, the saying goes, and no one knows it better than business operators and owners like ourselves.

Business owners must track and store information about employees’ schedules, overtime and pay rates in order to enable payroll processing. Automating this process eliminates the time costly effort of search through manual and fragmented records.

But keeping track of employee’s work time is a business imperative not only as a compliance issue, it’s also a major component in any kind of productivity / profitability analysis.

Gaining Insights Beyond Attendance

Keeping track of how long people are on location at your company premises is easy enough with any access control system or even the good-old punch clock, but having an accurate tally of time WORKED is actually much more complicated. Especially when you’re dealing with knowledge workers. Not all hours spent in front of a PC screen are created equal…

Understanding who’s actually providing value and who’s just browsing Facebook is just one of the advantages you can expect to get from most reasonable employee attendance software platforms currently available on the market.

Additional advantages of project time and attendance software can be broadly divided into those that help you reduce costs and those that help you boost revenue:

Reducing cost

  • Compliance– Getting embroiled in a labor law fiasco is painful and costly.
    You have a reputation to protect. Time and attendance software can help ease the burden of keeping those laws in mind during scheduling where traditional timekeeping methods cannot. Software can alert managers when employees have worked too many overtime hours in a given week or when an employee isn’t taking necessary breaks during their shifts.
  • Efficiency– Reduce the time required to process time and attendance data. This also helps in reducing absenteeism on a day-to-day basis, allowing you to take action in case things get out of hand. Of course, an extra-long lunch break now and then is not considered getting out of hand.
  • Accuracy– Eliminate inaccuracies of timesheets and falsified time logs.
    Slip up on payment and employees are sure to complain. Pay for too many hours and you are taking less money home While old school timesheets or time clocks may work, they are full with errors because employees often forget to punch in or out. Automated data capture is an effective way to rid yourself of arguments and discontent.

Boosting revenue

  • Task Scheduling – Whether it’s flexible scheduling or telecommuting, time and attendance software can help managers ensure employees work the right hours without constant monitoring. Managers, meanwhile can set schedules taking into account employee’s personal preferences into account.
  • Recruiting– Becoming recognized for respect of employees work-life balance is how today’s best employers are attracting top talent. Many companies are experimenting with allowing employees to work from home. Allowing teams to telecommute is a big perk that costs employers little, and can actually help reduce rent expenses…
  • Employee Satisfaction – Manage your employee’s time and performance to optimize their capabilities. Time and attendance software makes it easy for employees to access their schedule records. You’re basically entrusting employees with a degree of control over their personal information and scheduling. This simple investment of trust is an easy way to increase employee workplace satisfaction levels.

Employee Benefits of Attendance Tracking Software

Employees are often apprehensive of attendance tracking solutions. Their concerns are primarily that:

  1. Increased transparency will expose them to more scrutiny.
  2. Their privacy will be infringed on.

An important part of ensuring your integration is successful is bringing employees past these understandable concerns to a point where they’re able to appreciate the benefits the company as a software.

Some of the points mentioned earlier are just as valid for employees as they are employers, but it’s good idea to highlight the particular advantages employees stand to gain as well:

  • Fair and consistent application of company policies to all.
  • Transparency in attendances and over time calculation.
  • A more ethical and accountable corporate culture

What to look for in Employee Attendance Tracking software?

There are multiple considerations you need to account for when it comes to selecting the employee attendance tracking platform that will serve you best. Some key considerations are:

  • How many people will you be tracking?
  • Do you have an in-house IT team and hardware or do you need software-as-a-service or a partner provider?
  • How will you process, syndicating and act on collected data?
  • Do you have other platforms you need to integrate this solution with?

What’s on offer?

Digital Endpoint’s KnowIT solution is a robust employee monitoring solution with extensive attendance capabilities that can be easily support the accurate calculation of productivity, the attendance. The platform captures and records data from employee’s computer consoles, mobile devices, and entry access solutions. HR can easily review and enter absence and holiday information.

Data stored in the system is then used to generate clear and useful productivity and attendance reports that are easily shared at HR / manager’s discretion with employees for feedback and analysis. With all the data automatically aggregated, analyzed and reported, employee evaluation and appreciation becomes much more a matter of data and much less subject to personal bias. In other words it becomes transparent, fair and EFFECTIVE!

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