It’s a common theme for working people to seek a better balance in life today. One where work, leisure and fulfillment can be packed together for a happier and healthier life.

It’s as simple as this: when an employee is a happy employee their work is going to be better.

Here’s how you can help them along their road to happiness – which is a win-win situation for both of you.

Watching Workloads

One of the main causes of poor productivity in the workplace is low moral. And there are several factors that can lead to low morale. Feelings of being under appreciated, workplace harassment, and more.

But perhaps the most important thing that you should keep an eye on is their workloads.

If an employee is consistently buried in work with tight deadlines looming and no chance to to catch their breath, they’re going to burn out.

The problem is that as a manager it’s often times hard to see this happening. After all, you’re busy with your own workload, right?

So wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to monitor employee working hours and productivity?

Employee Computer Monitoring – An Easy & Effective Solution

The solution comes in the form of employee computer monitoring software.

This software gets placed on employee company devices. It then collects an employee’s hours worked, monitors what they are actually doing during that time, and from that calculates their productivity score.

It’s easy to use and brings a wealth of benefits beyond productivity monitoring, including:

  • Attendance monitoring
  • Cyber security (from both insider and outside threats)
  • Network connection monitoring
  • Webmail and internal communications monitoring
  • Monitoring by department

Monitoring Workloads & Productivity

KnowIT takes into account things like working and business hours, break times and holidays – everything we listed above, and more.

You’ll be able to see how much time each employee spent working during the day or week. With these hours logged, a productivity score based on their use of websites and applications you’ve deemed “productive” or “unproductive” gets created.

Then, at the end of the day or week, you’ll receive a summary of each employee’s performance.

We leave no stone unturned -overtime gets highlighted as well as productivity.

Say if an employee is working hours into the night, but with low productivity.. That may well be your indicator that this person is on the brink of exhaustion.

Even if they are productive, you should know about too much overtime so that you can potentially cut that employee some slack and spread work responsibilities to those who aren’t working the proper hours or being as productive.

By just touching on the basics offered by employee monitoring software, you’ll soon find a smart and efficient way to manage your workplace better.

Not only will this software increase productivity, it has the potential to make your office a happier, and better functioning workspace.

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