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Employee Monitoring Software | Can It Build Trust?

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Other | 0 comments

Is it possible that by monitoring employees in the workspace, you can actually gain their trust?

Yes, it is!

Here’s why:

If you’re using employee monitoring software in the correct way, your employees will understand why you’re using it and the positive results it can bring to the workplace.

Don’t be afraid to let them know you’re monitoring their computers. Let them know what you’re monitoring and why. Furthermore, it can help solve any work-related issues such as too much overtime or even harassment.

“Monitoring can also help affirm compliance with regulations…and ensure the workplace is free of harassment.”


Build Trust By Giving Trust

Recent studies have shown that use of social media can in fact increase productivity in the work place. Rather than blocking access to services let your employees know that they’re not going to be reprimanded for occasionally checking Facebook (provided work is still being done). It’s important that the fear of being watched isn’t an issue; employees must feel they have freedom.

Be Transparent: Prove It’s All About Business & Productivity

It’s important you don’t focus solely on social media use or other non-work related activities. With the data that’s collected and analysed with monitoring software, you can easily see where work could be better allocated.

If someone is often working late nights, yet another employee seems to have time on their hands, restructure the way responsibility is distributed.

Once the changes you’ve made appear to have a positive impact, share this with your workforce. Show them rock solid evidence that their work is making a difference and that it was possible because the monitoring software allowed you to pinpoint core issues.

Praise & Motivate The Team

Results won’t necessarily come overnight, but over time you will start to see a difference. Praise your employees and motivate them to do even better next month. After all, a great workplace is built upon great teamwork, and with the right monitoring software, you can absolutely build something special.

Do you feel that monitoring employees gains or lessens trust? Let us know in the comments section below!

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