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Can You Read Your Employee Monitoring Reports?

by | Legal View

Many companies have decided that employee monitoring software is the best way for them to keep track of their employees.

But if you can’t understand the reports, what is the point?

Employee monitoring software is often used to guard against intellectual property theft and time-wasting activities like surfing social media. Different kinds of software offer varying levels of scrutiny.

Here’s what employee monitoring allows you to do:

  • See how much work your employees are doing
  • What websites they’ve accessed
  • What chat apps they’ve been using and for how long

Productivity software collects data that is supposed to present an overview of an employee’s actions. But not all software packages present reports in clear, easy-to-read styles.

Let Us Make Ourselves Clear

Digital Endpoint collects information from all company devices and presents it in easy-to-understand charts. A manager can access the responsive web interface from any smart device connected to the Internet.

The founder of Digital Endpoint realized the market needed better employee monitoring software after he realized an employee was trying to steal his intellectual property. He frantically sought software that would meet his needs, but wasn’t able to find a good fit.

Eventually, he settled for one that took days to set up but did not quite match what he was looking for. But the worst thing was that after a year, the system had fallen into disuse.

“No one knew how to operate it, the hard drives had filled up with screenshots and  passwords had been forgotten.”

That’s when he knew that he needed to create his own software that would monitor and record all kinds of employee activity.

Don’t Fiddle While Rome Burns

And he knew that busy managers don’t have time to decipher complicated reports, especially when the stakes are high.

With Digital Endpoint, you can find out all kinds of information about your workers – and better yet, you can understand the data that are presented to you.

For more information on Digital Endpoint’s employee monitoring reports, please go to the Digital Endpoint website.

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