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How to Keep Employees Happy Using Employee Monitoring Software

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

With research suggesting 69% of workers are wasting time, and 26% are actively looking for other jobs while at work, isn’t it time you started taking better care of your employees?

  • A happy workplace is a productive workplace.
  • More productivity means more profit.
  • More profit means a more successful business.
  • It’s a simple formula that all businesses strive for, but actually creating a happy workplace is something many business struggle to do.

There are many ways to keep employees happy. Giving them flexible work schedules, recognizing good work, giving them trust and responsibility and a career growth potential are all great examples and ones we recommend, however managing all this at the same time for numerous employees can be a bit of a struggle.

That’s where employee computer monitoring comes in.

With the right employee computer monitoring software, you can keep an eye over your workplace from the comfort of your desk. Here’s how:

Track Attendance

Work doesn’t get done unless your employees are at their desk or on their devices when they should be. With employee monitoring software you can set individual or workplace work schedules. The software will then record when an employee logs into the devices and when they log off. This allows an attendance score to be created, giving you a clear insight into who’s working when they should be and who’s taking unwarranted leave.

Score Productivity

Along with the attendance score, a productivity score also can be calculated. This can be set-up by marking which applications and websites are deemed productive or not. Should any employee spend the majority of their time on productive sites and apps during working hours, they’ll have a positive productivity score. Of course, if they’re spending time on Facebook when they shouldn’t, their productivity score will drop.

Monitor Emails

You’ll also be able to monitor emails, instant messages and record keylogs, meaning you’ll know who’s talking to who and what’s being said. You’ll soon see if an employee is using work time to chat to friends and family about non-work related issues, or if they’re replying to client emails and messages on time and in a professional manner.

Boost Morale

With all this information in hand, you’ll be to forge your workplace into a more successful business. For those that are working hard, praise them, give them the recognition they deserve and when necessary, give them a raise or a promotion. It’s also important to keep an eye out for those that are overworking. Their productivity score may be high, but they may be unwilling to communicate the fact they’re feeling under too much strain. Spread their workload to employees who have less work on their hands and let them know their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

Keep Top Talent

With all the morale boosting and positive engagement, your employees will feel happier in the workplace. Top talent will be more likely to stay and may even bring more talent in. You’ll also be able to see where some employees may not be pulling enough weight and you can make some room for new staff.

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